vänEE® AI Series™ HRV 159 CFM 75% SRE with Virtuo Air Technology™

AI Series

Model number : V160H75RS (side ports) and V160H75RT (top ports)


Introducing the industry’s most advanced residential air exchanger, created to offer you much more than a standard Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) or Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The AI Series features a universal platform that works with every conceivable type of dwelling, simplifying the installation while delivering superior air quality and comes standard with Virtuo Air Technology.



Introducing Virtuo Air TechnologyTM, the first air exchanger artificial intelligence that allows the airflow verification, the auto-balancing and self-adjusting to changing indoor and outdoor conditions.

With Virtuo, you can rely on a smart algorithm to ensure optimal indoor air quality. When a pressure change occurs, Virtuo detects it and instantly adjusts the air exchanger’s operation to consistently deliver the proper amount of fresh air with minimal energy consumption. Staying 100% balanced. Always!



The AI Series is equipped with ECM PMSM motors, the most efficient & reliable motor on the market. It comes with standard MERV 8 filtration or optional MERV 13 filtration. It Includes the new universal brackets and chains for a flexible and faster installation.

  • Up to 160 CFM at 0,2 in.w.g
  • Sensible Recovery Efficiency up to 75% at 0ºC
  • 6 inches ports
  • Recirculation mode
  • Top and Side ports available 

Also, The AI Series comes with an entire line of modern controls as an option. The new controls offer a range of flexible options designed to meet specific needs and applications. See accessories.

For other configuration of the AI Series, see lineup below:

Models Core CFM HRV/ERV Ports Recirculation   
V110H65RT HRV 112 65% SRE 5" Yes GO
V130H65RS | V130H65RT HRV 131 65% SRE 5" Yes GO
V130E65RT ERV 131 65% SRE 5" Yes GO
V160H65RS | V160H65RT HRV 160 65% SRE 6" Yes GO
V160E65RS | V160E65RT ERV 150 65% SRE 6" Yes GO
V150H75NS | V150H75NT HRV 150 75% SRE 5" No GO
V150E75NS | V150E75NT ERV 136 75% SRE 5" No GO
V160H75RS | V160H75RT HRV 160 75% SRE 6" Yes GO
V160E75RS | V160E75RT ERV 140 75% SRE 6" Yes GO

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Recovery type HRV
Exchange rate (CFM) 160
Position of ports Top or Side
Port diameter Round, top or side, 6 in.
Comptability of Wall Controls Advanced Touchsreen Control (41303),
Automatic Control (41304),
Dehumidistat Control (41302),
20-40-60 Control (41300),
20-40-60 Deluxe Control (41301).

Controls are sold separately
Filter MERV 8 (included), optional MERV 13 (V24285)
Warranty on parts (years) 5
Warranty on core or thermal wheel (years) Limited lifetime
ENERGY STAR © qualified Yes
HVI Certified Yes