Platinum Wall Control

Model number : 40465

This state-of-the-art control offers an impressive choice of operating modes, yet remains simple to use. Platinum now provides even more control over ventilation and indoor air quality while the fully automatic “SMART” mode feature gives today's homeowners the energy efficiency they demand with the comfort they desire. The Platinum wall control's attractive, customizable LCD display will please customers and reduce callbacks.

« SMART » Mode

Our latest innovation! This mode optimizes automatically the ventilation functions to ensure reaching an unsurpassed comfort in the house. It automatically adjust ventilation according to the indoor humidity level and outside temperature to maximize occupant’s comfort. Provides peace of mind, savings on energy bills and comfort to maximize welfare.



The ventilation unit operation is factory set for all 4 periods (morning, day, evening and night), for week days and week end days. However, these settings can be modified. It enables the optimization of the unit operation according to the specific needs of the user..



In this mode, the air exchange with the outside is performed using the speed (OFF, MIN or MAX) or during a 20, 30 or 40-minute per hour cycle, according to the user’s choice.



In this mode, the user decides to recirculate the air inside his house (OFF, MIN, MAX or OFF, MAX, according to the unit) up to his needs, for a maximum of indoor comfort. 


Customized to your preference

The Platinum preference set-up mode gives homeowners the freedom to customize the wall control to suit their needs with a choice of blue or green backlight.


  • Please refer to the Wall Control Compatibility Chart on the very end of the specification sheet.

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