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Bronze Series - 65E ERV - NEW

Product number: 65ERV


The 65E ERV was created to respond to the builder's and contractor's needs for new residential construction and regulatory requirements. While reliable and durable, it is a cost-effective solution that can be installed quickly and easily in medium to large-sized homes, thanks to these features:
• Reversible compact unit with integrated hook for greater installation flexibility
• No drain required; no additional parts to buy while reducing installation time
• Easy to balance with integrated dampers and pressure tap. No risk of installing it incorrectly and to letting cold air get inside the house.
• SRE tested at Toronto's winter temperature (-10°C) to prove how high our performances really are
• Energy efficient, all to make final user save money
• 6' power cord
• Very quiet operation
• ENERGY STAR® qualified*


Canadian (Ontario excluded)

Ontario Zone 1

Ontario Zone 2

Recovery type: ERV
Exchange rate (CFM): 66 / 129
Position of ports: Sides
Port diameter: 5 in.
Comptability of Wall Controls: Lite-Touch, Deco-Touch, Constructo
Filter: Merv 6 washable reticulated foam
Warranty on parts (years): 5
Warranty on core or thermal wheel (years): 5
ENERGY STAR © qualified: Yes
HVI Certified: Yes

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