vanEE Loupe 70E ECM


How an air exchanger helps having a healthy house?

How an air exchanger helps having a healthy house?

vänEE presents air exchanger technology from a homeowner perspective. It showcases all you need to know from why installing an air exchanger to the benefits for the occupants. This tool help everyone understand how air exchangers help having a healthy house to understanding the advantages occupants will benefit from.

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Bronze Series - 70E ECM

Product number: 41808

Perfectly integrated into the celing


vänEE has achieved a major breakthrough—an innovative line up to 105 CFM air exchangers with unmatched energy efficiency in a design only 9 inches thick.

The ingenious new Bronze Series 70E models meet all of today's building requirements and are easily integrated into the ceiling of each housing unit. A profitable solution at every step in your project!

Outstanding comfort at a very comfortable price

The 70E ECM is equipped with 2 highly efficient ECM motors that provide a significant energy saving of 52% in comparison with the 70E standard model, making it the most energy-efficient ERV of the Bronze series. With a power consumption of 21W at low speed, this new product delivers a ratio of 2.3 CFM/W, making it the perfect solution for in-suite ventilation in energy-efficient multifamily and high rise buildings.

To learn more about wall controls compatible with this unit, please refer to the wall controls specification sheet.

Recovery type: ERV
Exchange rate (CFM): 50/105
Position of ports: Sides
Port diameter: 5 in
Comptability of Wall Controls: Lite-Touch, Deco-Touch, Bronze
Filter: Washable foam
Warranty on parts (years): 5
Warranty on core or thermal wheel (years): 5
ENERGY STAR © qualified: No
HVI Certified: Yes

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