vanEE Loupe 12LC ERV


How an air exchanger helps having a healthy house?

How an air exchanger helps having a healthy house?

vänEE presents air exchanger technology from a homeowner perspective. It showcases all you need to know from why installing an air exchanger to the benefits for the occupants. This tool help everyone understand how air exchangers help having a healthy house to understanding the advantages occupants will benefit from.

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LC Series - V12LC ERV

Product number: V12LC ERV


High CFM ventilation for small business owners concerned about indoor air quality (excess moisture, smoke, odors and cleanliness). 

Suitable for installation above a suspended ceiling, mechanical room or suspended from a ceiling, this model delivers year-round comfort and sensible heat recovery with virtually no cross leakage. On this unit, the heat exchange efficiency can reach up to 60%.

Recovery type: ERV
Exchange rate (CFM): 890-1170
Position of ports: Sides
Port diameter: 20
Comptability of Wall Controls: Basic
Filter: Polymerised paper
Warranty on parts (years): 2
Warranty on core or thermal wheel (years): 5
ENERGY STAR © qualified: No
ARI Certified: Yes

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