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Air exchangers maintenance


(Every 3 months or every new season

  • Remove filters.
  • Vacuum filters to remove most of the dust.
  • Wash in lukewarm water and mild soap solution. Rinse thoroughly and shake filters to remove excess water, and then let them dry.

Exchange module

(Autumn annual maintenance

A-HRV Polypropylene Core

  • Remove the heat recovery core.
  • Let it soak in a cold or lukewarm solution of water and mild soap (dishwashing liquid).
  • Rinse thoroughly. Shake the core to remove excess water, and then let it dry.

Unit models

Vigör™ HRV and HRV Plus


Novo+: All models

Bronze HRV 60H, 90H-V, 100H and 200H

Gold 1001 and 2001 HRV

HE:  All models







B- ERV Core

  • Remove the energy recovery core.
  • Remove dust using a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment.
  • caution: Never soak the core in water.


Unit models

Vigör™ ERV


Bronze ERV 60H

Gold 1001 and 2001 ERV








It is also recommended to check the outside fresh air intake port once a year, to ensure there are no leaves, twigs, ice or snow that can be drawn in the unit.

WARNING: Always unplug the unit before performing seasonal or annual maintenance.


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